martes, 12 de enero de 2016

The origin of talent. By a 2nd bachillerato student.

The origin of talent
Many people have tried to find an answer to this question throughout history and they have realized it is not as simple as it seemed. It is commonly said that talent is innate but actually it depends on different elements.
Obviously, our genes are important because they decide how we will be and what things are going to be easier or harder for us. For instance, a short person may have some disadvantages when playing basketball but it does not mean he could not become a NBA star, as Tyron Bogues, the shortest NBA player ever. 
There is a study that concluded that the time of practice explains the difference between prodigies and amateurs. It was called the ‘10000 hours’ rule. As a consequence, you will not spend thousands of hours on something you do not really love so, you also need passion.
Not only genetics and effort create our talent, but also environment and the age of start. It will be easier to develop a talent if you start when you are a child because the ease for learning decreases with age. Besides, some who is supported and motivated by their family, school and friends will have a higher probability of being brilliant in what they like than other person that feels repressed.

In conclusion, everybody is born with some special ability. However, the fact of developing it or not will depend on many other things, because we are more than genetics. We are combination of nature, experiences and feeling which is almost impossible to predict.

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