sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

Do you consider important giving more power to students in schools?

People who really affect the development of the school and how it works are the students. But they are only children, not school headers.
On the one hand, students are those who are developing their brain, for in a nearly future, work in the development of this planet. For that reason, schools might help them to get them better their skills, and that is got with happiness. And at the same time, happiness is got by creating a place built, in some part, with their opinon.
On the other hand, students are children who are developing themselves, like I said before, and, for that reason, they are not able to take important decisions. It is good that students participate by giving their opinon of teachers and lessons, but important decision like to contract a teacher, must be taken by proffesional and formed people.
Definitely, the trick is that head teachers take decisions, but counting with the student's opinion.

Miguel Vicedo Llinares  1º Bachiller

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