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24 Expressions To Describe People In English

Express yourself! These expressions will help you describe anybody you meet just like a native speaker would!

An affectionate person is someone who shows love and affection.
  • Example: “Lisa is a very affectionate person; she really shows she cares.”

An arrogant person is someone who believes that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people.
  • Example: “John is so arrogant. He always thinks he is better and smarter than everyone else.”

A chatterbox is someone who talks excessively.
  • Example: “People often describe me as a chatterbox because I can't stop talking!”

A competitive person is someone who always wants to win
  • Example: “Ivan is so competitive. He was very upset when his team lost the game.”

A conscientious person is someone who is careful about doing something correctly.
  • Example: “She has always been a very conscientious worker.”

A control freak is someone who has strong need to control people or how things are done.
  • Example: “My boss is such a control freak ; he controlled the entire meeting.”

A dishonest person is someone who says things that are not true.
  • Example: “I think she answered our questions dishonestly.”

A doer is someone who actively does things instead of just thinking or talking about them.
  • Example: “I like to think of myself as a doer. I have written eight books so far and now I am working on my ninth.”

A dreamer is someone whose ideas and plans are not practical or based in reality.
  • Example: “Oscar's a dreamer. Each evening he spends hours reading astronomy magazines, hoping to become an astronaut one day.”

A drifter is someone who moves from one place or job to another without a purpose or plan.
  • Example: “John was a drifter. He hitchhiked from state to state.”

A fighter is someone who does not give up : someone who continues fighting or trying.
  • Example: “Despite everything, you'll survive because you are a real fighter.”

A free spirit is someone a person who thinks and acts in a free way without worrying about normal social rules.
  • Example: “Ben is a free spirit. I imagine he will settle down one day, but he will have done a lot more than the rest of us by then.”

A joker is someone who tells or makes many jokes.
  • Example: “Harry's a joker. For a long time he had been joking about joining the army, so his friends were shocked to hear he actually had.”

A moody person is someone who is happy one minute and sad the next, and are often bad-tempered.
  • Example: “Jean is so moody. You never know if she is happy today or not.”

A picky person is someone that is very careful or too careful about choosing or accepting things, i.e. hard to please.
  • Example: “Jane is such a picky eater. it is difficult to find a restaurant where she is happy.”

A relaxed person is someone who is calm and free from worry, stress or anxiety.
  • Example: “A nice hot bath makes me feel very relaxed.”

A reliable person is someone who can be trusted to do or provide what is needed.
  • Example: “When I needed a ride to work yesterday, I called Sue because she is so reliable. She picked me up at exactly 7:00 am.”

A sarcastic person is someone who uses words that mean the opposite of what they really mean, particularly in order to insult someone, to show irritation, or to be funny.
  • Example: “Amy said she liked my dress, but I think she was being sarcastic.”

A self-confident person is someone who has or shows confidence in themselves or their abilities.
  • Example: “You could tell she was a very self-confident person by the way she answered the questions.”

A sociable person is someone who likes to be with other people and is very friendly.
  • Example: “Larry always gets invited to parties. He is such a sociable person.”

A spoiled person is someone who gets everything that he or she wants; spoiling means to have a bad effect on someone by allowing too many things or by not correcting bad behavior.
  • Example: “He was spoiled by his parents.”

A worrier is someone who constantly and needlessly worries.
  • Example: “Kate is a worrier. When I first met her, she had just left her job and was wondering what to do with her life.”


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