domingo, 24 de mayo de 2015

Students on the way to rule

The idea of increasing student's power may be taken wrongly. But the previous idea it would have to be stated that  refers to paying more attention to what the student has to say in order to improve the way of how the educative system works.
Taking suggestions more seriously since student's opinions are not very valuable as they seem, would lead to  more focused students as a result of letting them point what should be improved. Furthermore, education is given by the system but the youth is the one who receives that way of teaching so they would have to get used to what is considered more efficient. Nevertheless, the suggestions have to be asked with a bit of common sense, and not just by convenience.
From my point of view, students recommendations are quite important as they are  the only way of knowing if the system is working properly. In fact, they are building their own future by designing student's development.
To sum up, even though it is just another opinion in the crowd and this is not going to arrive anywhere, it would be great that, despite of asking for suggestions, teachers considered to take a look on the way they give their lessons and realizing it by themselves.

Javier Lozano Regueiro 1º de Bachiller

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