martes, 5 de mayo de 2015


The idea of being separated by gender is made in order to avoid disctractions and troubles between boys and girls, since studying with people of the same gender as them would let them be more focused on their tasks. As a result of this, they would get better marks; moreover, they would be more prepared and there would be no comparison between boys and girls as it is common in some mixed schools.

There are some advantages and disadvantages about this topic. While studying and attending clases separated would increase the level of success of the students, being mixed would lead to the fact that they would be able to interact with girls. Otherwise, girls would finish getting tired of boys. Besides students would have more people to talk instead of being always with the same gender. Nevertheless, it is true that being mixed increases the number of missbehaviours and disruptions in class.

From my point of view, I wouldn’t think that being separated is the best option; not only because they don’t get to know people of the other gender but also because it is something natural that they grow up and learn mixed as a reflect of future society.

To sum up, even though boys and girls do not always get on very well, they are made to live with each other so that they complement one another.

Javier Lozano Regueiro 1º Bachiller

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