domingo, 24 de mayo de 2015

Power to the students in schools

As our society keeps evolvig, so does the ducational system, and with it the question about how students could feel better, study better and above all be better.
Giving students power would allow teachers and staff to have a more direct feedback about everything that happens in their school. This also permits students to be abe to change things whenever they feel something is not  working just right.
On the other hand, teachers and staff already get paid to make sure that their students get a good education and to ensure the wellness of their students, so they shoud not need any extra power. Having students with power in their schools would propably lead to some stupid and nonsense solutions to problems once they stopped taking that power seriously.
Above all I think that students should get some power in schools but in a really controlled way to make sure that this power ends up being something positive instead of a solution that would cause more problems.

Jorge Solá Sanz 1º de Bachiller

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