domingo, 3 de mayo de 2015

Change the subject (part V)

Use these phrases when you want to change the conversation or go back to prior information.
  • Before, you mentioned ___. What did you mean? (Something that was said earlier in the conversation)
  • Can you tell me more about ___?
  • That reminds me of ___. (a past experience, something that happened, a news
  • story, a person, etc.)
  • Speaking of ___. (Insert the main topic of the conversation and add your
  • story/opinion)
  • There’s something else I wanted to ask you.
  • I know this is changing the subject, but ___. (Add a comment or question)

Example 1:

Matt: “Going on vacation in the winter is much nicer than going in the summer because there are not as many tourists.”
John: “Speaking of vacations, we’re going to Mexico next month!”

Example 2:

Max: “I just watched the movie Frozen with my kids.”
Sue: “Speaking of that movie, I’m reading a biography about Walt Disney.”

Example 3:

Jane: “My day has been so busy so far. I’ve gone to school, the mall, the library, and the grocery store…”
Steve: “I know this is changing the subject, but I just watched the cooking channel last night, and now I’m so inspired to cook something new. Do you watch that channel?”

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