sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

I've got the power

Nowadays secondary schools release measure after measure to improve student's education quality. These measures have a headline: to give more power to their pupils. In my opinion this is good for us, and I am going to show you why.
Frstly, every approach to students is good because it breaks school monotony and it improves student's educational experience. Also, introducing Whatsapp groups initiative make teachers more human. It is not about making a relationship with teachers, but just approaching both of them. This last year we introduced in our English class this measure and it was so useful because we could share information and coordinate our classes.
Secondly, with giving more power to students, they will know their school inside staff and it will prepare them to future big situations. Every new experience for pupils will just improve them as a person and this can just be good.
And finally, who knows if with these measures we are building future English teachers or future highschool head teachers. We must show them that being a teacher is not being angry all the time.

Andrés García Fernández  1º Bachiller

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