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How to end the conversation

Warning!!! Next 6 entries  understood are as  Star wars film, from the very end to the very beginning.

Signed by Yoda,
                                                    Master in conversation

To kindly end the conversation, mix a phrase from group A with a phrase from group B below.

Group A

  • I have to go now.
  • I have to run. (This means, “I have to go”)
  • I’m going to go now.

Group B

  • It was great talking to you.
  • I’m glad I ran into you.
  • I hope to see you soon.
  • It was nice to meet you.
  • It was great seeing you.

Example 1:

Joan: I have to go now. I hope to see you soon!
Max: See you soon!

Example 2:

Beth: I have to run. I’m glad I ran into you!
Pam: It was great seeing you again!

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