martes, 26 de mayo de 2015

The benefits of using tablets

Recently, tablets sales have increased a lot compared to other devices. The reason is that they are more fashionable and that they process information faster than a smartphone.
Tablets are bigger than smartphones, have better processing capacity, often have more memory and a better operating system. Some tablets recently  developed have the ability to connect to the internet without using wi-fi or even data. Other benefits of tablets are more obvious: they take up less space, are portable (even more so than laptops) and are preferred simply because of trends and aesthetic. It's like walking around with a laptop screen.
This, however, is often misinterpreted. Tablets may be faster than smartphones, but they're still not laptops. In order to make them extra slim, they sacrifice things like disc capacity, core space and cable ports.
In my opinion, tablets are incredible devices, even if they're used for leisure activities, but people should not confuse them with laptops because it might lead to problems when they find out their limitations.

Claudia Torrejón Gil. 2º Bachiller en su examen para subir nota.

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